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Birthdate:May 8

Lyrics from "Citizen Soldiers" by 3 Doors Down.


Entry with contact information is located here. Concrit on how Ratchet is played may also be left in comments.

The application for thewake_rp may be found here.

Players of The Wake are more than welcome to PM or contact me over AIM for plot ideas and log sessions. Just keep in mind that because I'm nocturnal (I work a medical job until 2am Central and generally do not sleep until sunrise), I may not always be on when most people are around. Your best chances at catching me for live chat sessions are on the weekends, generally from mid-afternoon on.

Ratchet "facepalming" icon drawn by Alex Milne, colors by Pinkuh. Original line work can be found here, color work located here. Art used with permission.

[ THIS IS A FICTIONAL ROLE PLAYING JOURNAL FOR PRETENDY FUN GAMES. Transformers and Ratchet do not belong to the mun. PLZ DONT SUE. ]

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