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Original checklist located here.

► = Unaccomplished
X = Done!

The Newbie
X The Rookie: Enter Nautilus through a Gate.
X I've Got a Master's in Communications: Make a post to the network.
X 20 Questions: Question your whereabouts in a public post.
X It's a Twister!: Be affected by a reality storm.
X The Epiphany: Make a post to the network expressing some deep revelation about yourself or the city around you.
X Where the Pets Go: Adopt a pet or small child.
► He Was a Candycorn!: See Elizabeth.
► Immunity Denied: Lose ability to see Elizabeth.
► Welcome to the Internets!: Fail to understand how a "lock" works.
X Men in Black: Learn how to make an entry private or locked.
X The Xemnas: Make a post that's too long for anyone to read.
► What Does It Mean?: See a double rainbow.
X What Kind of Weapon Is This?: Obtain a keyblade.
► A Comfortable Place: Stay in a welcome house
X Quit Leaving the Seat Up!: Move into your own place

Bending and You!
X I Have Made Fire!: Successfully Bend.
X The Lolcat: Bend yourself into an animal form.
► Like a Boss: Turn into a jet.
X The Music Man: Spontaneously burst into song or dance.
X Pyromaniacs R Us: Set something on fire.
X Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head: Change the weather patterns in Nautilus.
► Get Out of My Head!: Encounter a telepath.
X I Woke Up Again Today: Internal monologuing becomes external.
► I'M A MONSTERRRRRR: Become a vampire.
► The Man Bear Pig: Turn into an imaginary animal.
► Go Go Gadget Bending!: Perform a ridiculously simple action through Bending that would have taken half as long if done the normal way.
► The Scrooge McDuck: Bend a pool of money and dive into it.
X Paging Dr. Ratchet: Heal someone.
► Needs More Practice to Be Malpractice: Try to heal someone and fail.
► The Canada: Turn invisible.

Who Needs This Stuff Anyway?
► Burning Ramen: Attempt to cook. Fail.
► The Hermit: Don't post to the network for a month.
X The Loudmouth: Post to the network more than once a week.
X I've Quit Better Jobs Than This: Clean up a room without Bending.
X Rules of the Road: Obtain a car or car-mode.
► Road Warrior: Destroy a vehicle.
X Losing My Religion: Become jaded over city events.
► The Tourist: Ask a really stupid question.
► All Aboard the F-Train: Say the word "fuck" fifty times in a single minute.
► President's Day!: Damage Monticello.
► There are Some Who Call Me...Tim?: Invent a fake name for yourself.
► You're So Vain: Argue with someone over who looks better.
► The Smash and Grab: Steal one of Dr. Dinosaur's crystals.
► Mammal Trickery!: Lie to a non-mammal.
► Stepped Out of Town: Completely miss a reality storm.

Getting a Reputation
X I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Make a friend!
X Autobot Recruit: Become friends with an Autobot.
X Decepticon Grunt: Become friends or allies with a Decepticon.
X The Diplomat: Become friends with at least one Autobot and Decepticon each.
► The Brainiac: Solve one of the Riddler's puzzles.W
► Will Someone Shut Him Up?: Punch the Riddler in the face
► The Lab Rat: Volunteer for a scientific experiment.
► Be Quick or Be Dead: Outrun the Red Pyramid
► The Dark Knight Returns: Attract the attention of the elusive "Batman."
X The Danger Zone: Fly with a Decepticon.
► Danger is my Copilot: Take Megatron for a joyride.
X GET TO ZE CHOPPAH: Steal Alex or Blitzwing.
X With or Without You: Lose a friend or loved one.
X FML: Lose several.
► Dude...: Get high.

Now That We're Friends....
► Hide and Seek: Take up a vendetta.
► Said the Spider To The Fly: Have tea with Megatron
► Back Alley Deals: Plan something shady in private.
► Taste the Lobster's Claw!: Get punched by Crawford Sands.
► HELLO: Meet up with Death.
X Shoot the Messenger: Get angry with someone telling you bad news.
► Blood Donor: Donate blood to a vampire in need.
X Party Animal: Attend a rave or party.
X Stabby Wheel Feet: Make Sideswipe angry.
X Cuddly Wheel Feet: Get along with Sideswipe.
► The Conversationalist: Talk to everyone in the city.
► The Speechless: Talk to no one in the city.
► You're Ugly and Your Mother Dresses You Funny: Insult 25 people in Nautilus.
► The Harder They Fall: Take down someone larger than you.
► Don't Poke the Bear: Upset Megatron or Ratchet.

I'm Specced in Affliction
► Fatality!: Kill someone
► For Honor!: Kill someone in a war.
► For the Lulz!: Kill someone in cold blood.
► For Trolling!: Start a war. Don't actually fight in it.
► It's You or Me This Time: Kill someone in self-defense.
► Unnatural Selection: Kill someone in a duel.
► The Lex Luthor: Nuke an orphanage.
► Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker: Throw someone out a window.
► The Personal Vendetta: Kill the same person more than once.
► Ashes to Ashes: Kill an Ashura.
► The Starscream: Kill a Deva.
► Galacticus, Destroyer of Worlds: Kill an Aeon.
► That Doesn't Seem Physically Possible: Beat someone to death with their own bodypart.
► River of Red: Go on a killing spree.
► Moon Monsters: Kill one of every monster from the Lunar Cry.

I Don't Deserve This!
► Got Nowhere to Run: Commit suicide.
► Beaten By a Toilet Seat: Suffer an embarrassing death.
X Recurring Nightmare: Face our biggest fears and keep your sanity.
► The Big House: Get incarcerated.
► Spoon-dug Tunnel: Escape from prison.
► It Can't Possibly Get Any Worse: Red Pyramid + your corpse
► There are Parts Everywhere!: Get dismembered.
► No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die: Suffer a groin injury.
► The Clamp: Lose an eye.
X All Fall Down: Have your plans dashed to nothing.
► Pain, Lots of Pain: Get beat up by someone smaller than you.
► A Good Way to Go: Drink yourself to death.
► Death Wish: Proclaim hatred of robots within earshot of a Decepticon.
► Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?: Convince someone not to kill you.
► You Got the High Score!: Die five times or more.

The Miscellaneous Drawer of Mystery
X The John Doe: Contract amnesia.
X Seeing Double: Either through Bending or old-fashioned science, clone yourself.
► Well, That Was Pointless..: Steal something.
► Eight Legged Freaks: Kill a giant spider.
► You Gotta Try This Pole!: Slide down a pole.
► Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhh!: Obtain sunglasses.
► Deal With It: Deal with it.
► My Horse: Take a picture of a horse.
► The Megatron: Act like a magnificent bastard. Grow a goatee.
X Invisible Brother: Be confused or mistaken for someone else.
X Clear the Air: Confess a deep, dark, or personal secret.
► FDA Approved: Get hit by a drug bubble.
X Monsters Pee in That: Swim in the ocean.
► Haven't We Seen Each Other Before?: Fall back to Sleep and Wake Up again.
X Fashion Sense: Be given an article of clothing by the city.

Frequent Flyer Miles
► Bermuda, Bahama: Take a vacation in Helix
X It'll Go On and On: Visit the Heart of Nautilus
X Suicide Mission: Fight in Kalliste
X Vast Predatory Drinking Binge: Visit Furman's
X Sightseeing: Visit all four districts.
► Bat Outta Hell: Move out of the Western District.
► Bat Outta Hell II; Back into Hell: Move into the Western District.
► A Little Restless: Live in two separate districts.
► Are You Avoiding Me?: Live in three separate districts.
► Settle the Fuck Down: Live in all four districts.
X But Where's David Hasselhoff?: Visit Pineapple Island.
► Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires: Smoke in the Southern District.
► Movie Fan: Visit the cinema.
► Film Aficionado: See all the movies in the cinema.
► Insanity: Take a stroll through the Labyrinth.

It's About Time I Cleaned Up This Town
► Roll for Initiative: Invent a new city institution.
X Objection!: Participate in the justice system.
► Soylent Green is People!: Go on a paranoid rant about the city or its residents.
X Street Cleaner: Find a pile of corpses.
► In Europe They Would Call This High Art: Create a pile of corpses.
X THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED: Flip a goddamn table.
X Sensei: Teach someone something.
X The Fearless: Jump off a building.
► The Brainless: Jump off fifty buildings.
► Shiver Me Timbers!: Talk like a pirate.
X Boy Scout: Go out of your way to do the right thing.
► Pinky and the Brain: Come up with a plan to take over Nautilus.
► Not As Planned: Attempt to put that plan into action.
► NARF!: Your plan was foiled.
► To Catch a Predator: Successfully put a criminal behind bars.

The Miscellaneous Drawer of Mystery Part II
X Clowns Will Eat Me: Don't sleep for a week.
► The Rip van Winkle: Sleep for a week straight.
► Army of One: Defeat a legion of zombies.
► Gotta Do the Cooking by the Book: Bake a delicious cake.
► Cut That Out!!: Harass someone over the network until they cut the connection.
► Sucker Born Every Minute: Sleep on Sideswipe's Couch.
X Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader: Do math in Nautilus.
► Ego Trip: Be publicly recognized for being awesome in someone else's post.
X The Big Bang Theory: Make an entry that can be summed up as "Why we are here."
X What Fourth Wall?: Get recognized as a fictional character.
► My Twin Brother: Meet someone with the same voice as you.
X I Phoned It In: While talking to someone over the network, Bend something on their side of the screen.
► The Informant: Act as a secret agent/double agent/spy against another person.
► Needs More Boggles: Be called a term or phrase nonexistent in your world.
► The Tony Stark: Get drunk and shoot off a dangerous weapon.

The Only Reason Nautilus Exists
X The James T. Kirk: Make out with someone not of your species.
X Overload Specialist: Nail a Cybertronian.
► The Lola: Experience a sex change.
X The Deuce Bigalow: Have sex in Nautilus
X Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo: Have sex more than once in Nautilus
X Getting Your Freak On: Have sex with someone not of your species.
► Okay, There's a Limit: Bend away an STD
► They Belong in a Museum: Stare at Lara Croft's breasts for over 30 seconds.
► He Was Asking For it: Get shot by Lara Croft.
► The Bicycle: Have sex with Starscream
► We're Not Compatible: Have sex with a human while you are Cybertronian.
► Extenze: Use Bending to increase your performance in the bedroom.
► A Winner is You!: Have the most sex of anyone in Nautilus. (Rotating achievement)

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been...
► What Have You Accomplished?: Celebrate a birthday in Nautilus
X Trapped Forever: Spend one year in Nautilus.
X Never Going Home: Spend one continuous year in Nautilus without going home.
X The Seasoned Veteran: Live in Nautilus long enough to see someone from your world Wake up and then return to Sleep.
X The Old Timer: Have it happen more than once.
► We All Live in a Yellow Submarine: Move into a ridiculous house.
► Ooh, Shinies!: Turn someone into glass.
X In Soviet Russia...: Unmake a person or object.
► Complete all "Newbie" achievements.
► Complete all "Bending and You!" achievements.
► Complete all "Who Needs This Stuff Anyway?" achievements.
► Complete all "I'm Specced in Affliction!" achievements.
► Complete all "I Don't Deserve This!" achievements.
► Complete all "Frequent Flyer Miles" achievements.
► Gotta Catch 'em All!: Collect all achievements.
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