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[OOC Permissions]

1) Fourth Wall Breaking: Yes, most certainly!
2) Threadhopping/threadjacking: Yep. Usually this is fine in network posts. Ask before doing so in open log posts so things don't get too messy.
3) Hand Waving Action: See the Medbay Check In Post for further details. Hand waving check in and healing are fine so long as you let me know it happened. Just don't get into specifics of the situation that will end up dictating Ratchet's behavior beyond just healing. If the character in need of medical attention had to warn Ratchet about an important issue, such as if they suffer from seizures, or would have needed a pain killer injection but are afraid of needles and would have panicked, we can hammer out the details after the fact so we're both on the same page.

[IC Permissions]

These are things (if answered in the affirmative) your character may do to Ratchet without you having to PM/IM me about it first, including possible reactions. Just FYI. X3

1) Touching the Chevron: Do you value your well being? Your character can try, but if they succeed in touching either side (the broken one will be the worse of the two to make contact with), be prepared for the rection to be very poor. Depending on the situation and character, there might be a temper tantrum. Or there might be a punch in the face. Right now it's likely only one person in Nautilus can get away with doing this without consequences...and his name is Lelouch vi Britannia.
2) Casual Contact: Yes. Hand on the back/shoulder, playful flicking or light sucker punching. This includes scritches behind his good ear and petting his head/muzzle when he's a bear. If he's not the in mood, however, he might gripe at your character or walk off.
3) Hugging: Yes! Just be prepared for a not-so-good reaction if he's in a bad mood or doesn't know your character at all. If he does, you might actually get an awkward hug in return.
4) Kissing: Yes. See "hugging" for reactions if he doesn't like it. And chances are he won't unless your name happens to be Arcee. May include a punch to the face. D:
5) Flirting: Sure. Reactions may vary. He's easily flustered. :3
6) Fighting: Bring it on. B| Just be aware of power level differences there may be, as he is an Angelii.
7) Causing Injury: Dents, scuffs, scratches and other minor damages are a yes. For anything major such as lost limbs, impalings, leaking fluids, shorted circuits and the like, please discuss the situation with me first.
8) Killing: No. Please discuss this with me well in advance.
9) Mind Reading: He's definitely readable. I'll probably try to control what's there to read in any given log/thread, however. Just so the wrong info doesn't end up out in the open before I'm ready for it to be there
10) Stealing Items or Data/Pulling Pranks: Maybe. Talk it over with me first and we'll work something out.
12) Breaking into the Medbay/Hacking the System: Possibly. See the info post on the Medbay for how the systems work and what the building is like in terms of construction. If you think your character is capable of breaking and entering or hacking, contact me and we'll talk it over.
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