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OOC: Gifts of Nautilus / Bending Abilities

Bending Abilities

Alternate Forms: White grizzly bear (can be either normal sized or Cybertronian sized), human, "walking dead" (alteration of personal color scheme to appear permanently offline), "Guardian Ratchet" (larger, winged and more heavily armored battle mode) and "The Bear" (an AU version of himself that is G1-to-BW techno-organic in nature with a spirit bear alt mode).

Bending Applications: Healing/repairs on objects AND patients, both organic and machine-based. Can create sizable and fairly complex objects out of nothing.

Angelii Powers: Super speed, flight, teleportation and scanning/coding sight.

Gifts from the City

- The Medbay and a good portion of its equipment
- Pedestal for the Magnus Hammer
- Pimp hat with feather and Dr. Gregory House cane with flames on it. Wat.
- Massive amounts of data via his alternate self, including files on G1, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Galaxy Force and movie continuity tech.
- A Keyblade based on his magnetic pincers and battle mode wings
- Pink bunny slippers that squeak. No kidding. :|
- "Time out" chairs for the Medbay
- A can of Hello Kitty motor oil. I don't even.
- An animal tracking tag. (Originally affixed to the unbroken end of his chevron.)