Dec. 7th, 2023

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Ratchet runs a tight ship, er, Medbay. Because the building is not only a hospital and repair bay, but a home to himself and a number of other Wakened, it's important that only certain people have access to the building dependent on level of trust. Much like with PHI (that's Protected Health Information to you non-medical field folks), codes and levels are granted on a "need to know access basis." Only what you need to get to, nothing further.

The Medbay is also guarded by a security system that was created and programmed by Ratchet himself, updated with Subaru's help while she was still in Nautilus. The system includes a number of monitoring cameras that record 24/7, located both inside and outside the building. Cameras watch the street before the Medbay, the side alley ways, the back area, roof, main halls, storage areas, main work area, lounge/kitchen, equipped patient rooms and generator room. There are no cameras within private quarters belonging to residents and uninjured guests. The building has a built in "lockdown mode" that can be used to turn the Medbay into a veritable fort if necessary, with shielded windows and reinforced doors. Why, you may ask? Next time you run into Ratchet, ask him about the time shadow creatures nearly broken in during Starscream's reign over Nautilus. Or the Heartless invasion. Or the Lunar Cry monster event.

THE ACCESS CODE LIST (and a few further security notations) )


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